“There are 360 degrees, so why stick to one?”

– Zaha Hadid

Architecture is not based on concrete and steel, and the elements of the soil. It's based on wonder.”

- Daniel Libeskind

“Life is not about maximizing everything, it's about giving something back - like light, space, form, serenity, joy. You have to give something back.”

- Glenn Murcutt

“God is in the details”

-Mies van der Rohe

“Architects spend an entire life with this unreasonable idea that you can fight against gravity.”

-Renzo Piano



A peerless structure fashioned to captivate you with opulent comfort. With 14 units, these premium 4BHK homes will cater to your everyday leisure. Starting from its design to structure, every inch of it is crafted where staying at home feels like seasons of escape.

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Life is the sum of all your choices and needs, and most of it begins from the place you live in. We understand what a home requires for every individual, that's why Saanvi Nirman Estella brings to you homes with such architectural designs which are appropriate to your personality and lifestyle. Splendid balconies, spacious living rooms, and bigger bedrooms, everything under one roof.

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Happiness is a feeling we wish to keep in our hearts forever. At Aarambh we welcome this emotion to only stay with you and your family forever now. Each day our life is precious and to make sure it doesn't go without a smile, is what Aarambh all about. A happy and contented mind can change lives, add on the fun, and frolic to your daily routine. Open up your arms and Live the experience of a lifetime here!

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It’s time to believe the unbelievable, With Saanvi Nirman Spectra and its well designed architectural structure. The spectacular 3 and 4 BHK homes will surprise you every day with its capacious design perfectly suited for all your get together and full houses because here you don’t just live, you live a little more!

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Adding the extra to the extravagant, Skydeck Prive gives you the perfect home in heaven. With only 8 units, these luxurious 4BHK will soothe your soul everytime you enter the doorway. Every inch of it is crafted to evoke in you the feeling of being special and remarkable. A home where you can rejuvenate each day and make it your personal retreat.

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Located in one of the most calm areas, Saanvi Nirman Stella is your perfect place of bliss. With 152 elegant homes and 29 shops just beneath you, the 3 BHK and 2 BHK apartments here gives you immense space for all the dreams to fit. Making sure you don’t have to worry about your budget, savings, amenities etc we balance here everything for you and your family.

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Saanvi Nirman Celesta features some of the most beautifully crafted 2BHK and 3BHK homes making you fall in love with every corner of your house. With enough shared spaces where you can build connections, till then your child can have their own play dates without disturbing you. From spending quality time with your family to peacefully walking in the lush gardens, you create here a memory every second to cherish.

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city gate


Since great ambitions need a greater start, Saanvi Nirman City Gate gives you your gate of perfect beginning. Equipped with all the modern facilities, this untapped location is an ideal market space for your business to grow bigger and better. This innovative commercial space is your chance of finally stepping it up.

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Built with a thought to provide lush green facade surrounding each unit, Skydeck Select is now a pioneer in Ahmedabad in many aspects. Starting from its design to structure, dry wall plumbing to common space, concrete facade to common environs, every aspect is a benchmark. With 48 apartments, some in split-level style and others as spacious penthouse maisonette apartments, loaded with range of amenities, make your home your vacation stay inn forever.

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A home that centres your need and wants is what Saanvi Nirman Skysol is all about. The 2 BHK and 3 BHK exceptional homes located in the rapidly developing area of Ahmedabad, will give you the perfect amalgamation of warmth and precision. The project offers homes along with commercial spaces which will complete your holistic lifestyle. Designing is done not only to maximize space, but your happiness.

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Living in the sky, would not be a dream anymore. Have your dates in the dreamy setting of rooftop lounge in Saanvi Nirman’s Skyone. The lavish 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments are nestled to give a life comforted with all the modern amenities and services. Enter into the high of skies and live in the beauty of it for a lifetime.

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The exquisite 4 BHK premium condominiums will cater to your minutest luxury needs. With some of the finest amenities to your service Skydeck gives you well landscaped garden along with sit outs and a beautiful gazebo. So, there will never be a problem for you and your friends to relish a good time. Making your home your escapade, so that you don’t have to find places outside.

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